What is GI? GI is the key to loose weight!

What is GI? GI is the key to loose weight!

Glycemic index ( GI ) :Glychemic Index is a numerical value, which lists the foods by how much they have effect on blood sugar. The chart is  0-100, 100 represents the value of glucose.

GI shows, that how quickly  the carbohydrate in the food is absorbed in your body.

Low GI 0-55
Middle Gi 56-69
High GI 70-100

Get a GI ( glycemic index) chart! ( print one from the internet, or use an app )

You will need this during shopping. GI chart will be your best friend!

How to use it?:

  • If you wanna loose weight – have only the low GI products: slowly absorbed carbohydrates, they keep hunger away, keep your blood sugar level balanced. ( minimal fat storage)
  • If you wanna keep your body weight – chose from the low and the middle GI products
  • High GI products: these are the ones that raise your blood sugar quickly, and you are going to be hungry soon after them. So… try not to eat them, or just very rarely, occasionally. They fast and immediately cause rise in blood sugar level. After the fast blood sugar rising comes the fast blood sugar falling, what causes hunger. If you don’t use the plus energy of them, it will be stored for future use as fat.

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