How to start

Big question: HOW???

How to start?

Throw out everything from your kitchen and fridge, what contains more sugar, than 5g/100g .

No joke! This is the limit. This is the only thing, you have to check when you are buying some packaged food.

Buy simple food , use the GI chart!

  • eggs
  • meat
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • whole grain bread
  • milk products, without sugar
  • oat-flakes, seeds
  • ham, bacon

Plan your food! Do it yourself!

Make a salad, relax and think about what kind of food you you can easily make for yourself from the ingredients you have. Make your meals!


  • Vegetable puree: so easy, and ready in a few minutes, depends on the vegetable. Boil it, give some spices, and blend it. Eat with fried eggs, or roast meat.
  • Salad : any kind of salad, from low GI ingredients
  • Fruits as dessert: with or without some natur joghurt and cinnamon
  • Chia seed pudding
  • Meat and eggs made in different ways ( No deep fried! )
  • Use fat for the meat ( lard, duck fat, goose fat ) ( Don’t be afraid of fat! Fat has nothing to with cholesterol according to the latest studies:

Important! Eat little portions three hourly! It will rev up metabolism and control blood sugar.

Your dinner should be three hours before you go to sleep.  ( Use a little plate, little portions look bigger on that! )

Daily routine:

  1. wake up, then drink 0,5 litre tepid water
  2. after it drink your coffee or tea
  3. breakfast from something what contains much protein, for example eggs
  4. after breakfast eat whatever you want from low GI group three hourly

Important! 100g/ day carbohydrates are enough! ( If you are an athlete, or do long term physical activity , you need more.)

The first few weeks:

Maybe you will feel like you don’t have any strength, or you could feel strong desire after sweets.

Advice: have some sugar free chewing gum, and be patient to your body, you will get weakness over soon. Don’t give up! Carry on!

Two months later:

Answer the questions please:

  • How are you?
  • How many kilograms/pounds did you loose by now?
  • If you are satisfied and you think this method can help hundreds of people, please make a short you tube video and send us the link to share in our page.( Video contents: Hi, This is ( your name), from ( your country) and the stop eating sugar campaign.)

Thank you so much! 








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